What is Popping Boba?
Popular in Bubble Tea and Frozen Yogurt shops, popping boba bursts and releases a flavorful juice when you bite it. The outside skin of the boba is made with a soft seaweed extract (alginate).
Is there caffeine in Joyba Bubble Tea?
Caffeine is naturally found in tea, but levels vary. There is no caffeine in the Cherry Hibiscus Tea. Explore our product pages to learn more about the level in of Caffeine in our other flavors.
How do I drink this product?
Joyba Bubble Tea comes with its own wide straw embedded in the side of the cup.

1. Pull tab on perforated side to release straw
2. Remove straw from plastic wrap
3. Extend straw until it locks into place
4. Use pointed end to puncture lid in center

Sip and Enjoy!
Where can I buy?
Joyba is currently only available within the United States at select retailers. Please visit our Where to Buy page for additional detail.
Do you ship directly?
Not at this time. Please check back for additional information.
Does Joyba need to be refrigerated?
Joyba Bubble Tea does not require refrigeration, but we do recommend drinking it cold for a better taste and experience.
How do I get to the popping boba?
We recommend shaking the cup gently before drinking. This will also improve any settling of the tea leaves that may occur.
Is the package recyclable?
The plastic cup is recyclable in some communities. Remove label, discard seal and straw and rinse cup. Please check with your local sanitary and recycling service.

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